Our Story- MwanaBiashara

MwanaBiashara is a young, ambitious and dedicated partner to businesses- especially MSMEs- in the maximization of value generated from digital platforms. Therefore, as a digital lab, we are focused on working closely with businesses, like yours, to achieve results. To continuously achieve sustainable Business Results- to become your business’ best friend.

How do we do that?…

…we do that by exploiting the potential that digital platforms- like social media, app, websites, email, and search- have in plenty in the delivery of business value that reflects on the bottom line.

As a consequence, we at MwanaBiashara are deeply invested in building simple, professional and value-packed relationships with businesses- businesses like yours.


…we believe that if businesses got solutions that solved their needs they would in-turn focus on providing immense value to their clients.

At MwanaBiashara, we work with businesses to offer digital marketing expertise that is unparalleled, wholesome and integrated- to enable them to achieve their goals and objectives.

What drives us…Our Mission:

We are on a journey to work with 10,000 businesses in the MSME sector; to implement compelling value propositions- that have staying power and overall positive disruptive ripple effects in Kenya and beyond.

What we live for…Our Vision:

We are committed to entrenching good business practices and processes among MSME businesses- for the continual recreation of a sustainable and competitive African economy.

What we stand for…Our Core Values: #S.P.V

  1. Simplicity- the world is cluttered with complexities, we aim to simplify. To make it easier to do business;
  2. Professionalism- we abide by a strong desire to be and enhance professionalism in all our projects and work;
  3. Value- if it is not necessary and simple, if it does not add value to the business or the customer it is not valuable.

When you partner with MwanaBiashara, you are building a relationship focused on the important business metrics. We are your digital partner invested in you achieving your business goals through our dedication, focus, and solution-orientation.