4 Steps To Grow Your Career In 2019

As a professional looking to grow and conquer new heights in your career this year, you cannot afford to slack. Bettering yourself needs to be one of those daily endeavours that you prioritize.

The following tips can help you become more distinguished in your career.


1.     Take Online Courses


The internet has come as a blessing for anyone that is looking to grow their skill bank. Various websites such as Saylor Academy offer free courses with certification. These certificates can be downloaded and the skills added to your CV. Improving your skill set will avail to you more opportunities for promotions and even a new job.

2.     Focus On Personal Branding

Personal branding will set you apart in your career and more so your workplace. With a little effort geared towards personal branding, you are going to attract better in terms of promotions and job opportunities. Personal branding is about how you do your work, how you dress and your overall aura. Read more about personal branding here.

3.     Be Proactive When Networking


You are the sum of the five people that you spend the most time with. This thought should push you to want to have more quality people in your circle. This can only be achieved if you network proactively. This year, attend seminars and those workshops and don’t leave any without a new business card. Ensure it is not just a card, but a contact that will help you grow in your profession.

4.     Read And Read Some More


All great men and women attribute their growth to reading books that nourished their intellect. This year, set aside a list of at least ten books that you will dedicate time to reading. Commit to doing so and watch as your career elevates to the next level.

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