3 Steps To Personal Branding

Personal branding is nothing trivial, but simply your identity.
Big corporations work extra hard and invest a lot of resources in building their brands.

Some are so successful to a point you can associate a particular color with their brand. For some also,their particular brand has replaced the name of the line of commodity that they deal with.

The target of doing personal branding is to help one have a voice in their industry.
We want someone to associate the word blogging with you, we need someone to associate the word imports with you, we need someone to associate the word cakes with you and so forth.

From that short description you can already see the value that personal branding has in terms of bringing business your way.
But how do you start on personal branding? Here are some tips:

1. Build a voice:

Building a voice in your industry entails that you be the go-to person when people need information.

If you want to build your brand always be willing to offer information to those in need. This information does not need to be your business strategies but simple things like market observation, experiences that you have picked along the way etc.

2. Build your image:

Image encompasses a lotmore than just appearances.

Image is how you talk, how you walk, how you interact with people, what you portray on social media, how you handle transactions in your business and your workplace etc.

Simply put, image is everything that we can notice about you whether we can see you or not.
To polish your image, start from social media, check whether what you post is something that is in line with the clients you wish to attract.

Here, the voice that you built in step one will matter a lot.

Check your appearance, do you always look out of place with your dressing? Know when to pull off a casual or a formal look. Don’t go by the adage my dress my choice, first impression matters and that rebellious phrase won’t save you.

3. Offer value

Last but not least,offer value.

Whether you’re in business or employment, let people associate value and productiveness with you.

The quality of your goods, services or work will speak for you when all else cannot.
This is the most crucial aspect of personal branding because it defines you from the core.

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