Your Role In Helping Other Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur means that you are part of a community. This community is made up of people that are working hard to make the society they live in a better one by meeting the needs of their people. This is what you sign up for when you choose the entrepreneurship path.

But how do you carry yourself once you’ve made this leap and how do you help others?

Being a small scale entrepreneur can make you think that you do not have a role when it comes to helping out other entrepreneurs. You may not have a direct role, but you have everything to do with how their business is perceived. How so? Let’s break it down.

1. How you treat your customers

Depending on the attitude that you treat one client with, that will count in how other entrepreneurs in your line of business are perceived.

John’s Hypothetical Situation

Picture it this way, our friend John has a small retail shop where he sells general plastic ware. He is approached by Mercy who wants to buy something. But John is not in a good mood today and so how he responds to Mercy’s questions is not something to be proud of.

Mercy takes this personally and moves to another shop that’s owned by Nancy, who deals in the same products.

Nancy’s Flipside Situation

Nancy is kind but Mercy having had that bad experience with John, now gets on the defence. This experience doesn’t count to be good and at the end of the day either. She’s of the opinion that people that deal in plastic ware are rude. When Mercy gets back home, she shares this with her friend James who now thinks the same way that Mercy thinks.

We now have two people that think people dealing in plastic ware have a bad attitude.

So what happens when this two share the same with others? The industry gets a bad name because of one entrepreneur that wouldn’t compose himself when talking to a client.

Be cautious how you treat your customers. Remember, customers..’They don’t forget experiences’

2. Referrals
The other way in which you  help other entrepreneurs is by giving referrals.

John’s Willingness to Refer

Let’s take John who deals with plastic ware. Mercy comes looking for a certain type of sufuria which has just run out of stock at John’s shop. How does he deal with such a situation?

More often than not in the situation above, the business owner will ask you to come back another day when he has the particular good in stock.

The second option that he has is that he can refer Mercy to Nancy’s shop that stocks this same product. At Nancy’s the product is in stock at that moment.

Now the first option helps deny Nancy some business and so John somehow stays ahead of the game for a while. On the flip side though, the customer might look for the wares elsewhere and in the process land at Nancy’s shop and buy them there.

The second option, John will have helped Mercy know exactly where to find what she needs. This helps to build Nancy’s business and the ripple effect of this is that the customer will be happy. Next time she’ll come to look for what she needs at John’s shop because she knows if she can’t get it there, then John will direct her where to get it.

John can take advantage of this and stock more goods and in the end have more business. Here, he’s been able to build up his reputation as an entrepreneur who is dependable. At the same time, he has helped to boost Nancy’s business reputation as someone that other traders recommend.

So as an entrepreneur, always know that there is something that you can do for another entrepreneur through simple word of mouth. I’ll be glad to see this being practiced more and more.

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