How Is It Like To Unbank Yourself At The Kisumu Loop Store

Banks are evolving daily and with it comes new products and branding to try and keep up with the competition.

In the midst of all these fierce corporate competition, there are key lessons that small entrepreneurs can pick. This week on the 21st of Jan, I decided to visit the CBA Loop Store in Kisumu to unbank myself. Here is my review of it.

  1. Amazing Interior Decor

One thing that stands out when you compare Loop stores from all other banking halls is the decor. CBA has done an amazing job blending the orange, green and white colors that make, decorate each and every one of their loop store. This funky design that resembles an urban fast food shop or a high end doll house salon is a shift from the cranky, old-filed cabinated banking halls we are used to. With display screens that offer alternative entertainment and not endless corporate image enhancing content, waiting in line is a pleasure.

  1. The Team

The team made up of Isaiah, Joan, Hezborn and Esther is one of the most pleasant service delivery teams you will find anywhere in Kisumu. Talk of gender equality and you will find it here. On my particular day of the visit, Isaiah was operating the telephone at the reception and how he confidently responded to my queries made me want to really try out their services. Hezborn on the other hand did an amazing job explaining to me what documents I needed to get my Loop card processed.

Esther was on the other end with a client and from the smiles being emanated from that end, I could tell the client was really pleased and left the place satisfied. About Joan, words just run out. This amazing lady engaged me in one interesting conversation that left me wondering from what end of this world her breed of bankers came from. Her swiftness in getting things done and the hospitality when serving me coffee made me wish the Loop Store delayed as much as other banks around.

  1. You Get A Lot of Goodies

When was the last time you went into a bank and got served coffee? Or when was the last time the only thing you came out of the bank with was not some rough sketched receipt and a brochure? You can answer later in the comments, but I’ll really be waiting.

Well, at the Kisumu Loop Store located in the Mega Plaza, you’ll be in a whole different world. I got served some coffee, good coffee, I must emphasize. Aside from just the coffee, I also got to enjoy free Wi-Fi. The Loop Store offers this free wireless internet connection to their clients to help them take a tour of their CBA Loop mobile app. But hey, why not reply to some few WhatsApp messages once done? Besides, these people are cool and they won’t disconnect your connection till you do so yourself once you’ve left the store.

You also stand a chance to get a souvenir, once you’ve been served at the store. From mugs to water bottles and thermo flasks, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

  1. The Process of Unbanking Yourself

The whole idea of visiting the Kisumu Loop store was to unbank myself. The speed at which I had my Loop debit card processed was mind blowing. I wasn’t even done with my coffee by the time my loop card was ready. Hey, am not saying I take my beverages slowly but this really caught me off guard. The Kisumu Loop store has the kind of equipment that you look at and have the confidence that you’ll be served super fast.

One other thing I must really commend the team at this store for is respecting their customers. It’s really annoying when in a banking hall and the person at the other end starts chattering with a colleague and ignores you or starts serving another client all together. I mean, yeah, you want to serve as many people as you can, but can you please be human. Or better yet, can you benchmark at the Kisumu Loop Store?

Well guys, that’s my review of the CBA Loop Store, Kisumu located at the Mega Plaza along Oginga Odinga St. As an entrepreneur visit this place and get unbanked and pick up the best business practices you can for free. Thanks for reading, leave a comment down below and invite a friend to read too.

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