Handling Conflict With A Customer

In your course of doing and growing your business, there are times that you will bump into a conflict with a customer.

Such a conflict can be brought about by many things, some of them being:

1. Need for a refund
2. ‎Response to rudeness
3. ‎Product defect
4. ‎And many others.
How you handle a conflict with a client will determine whether you retain them and whether they refer their friends or not.

Here are some Mwanabiashara tips on how to handle a conflict with a customer:

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes

It is always important that you don’t handle the conflict from an emotional point of view. Always put yourself in the customer’s shoes and try viewing the conflict in an unbiased manner.

Make a refund if the product has not been tampered with

Nothing makes a customer feel cheated on more than not getting a refund on a genuine issue. As an entrepreneur, always offer a refund if the product has not been tampered with. But this should be within a specified time period that the customer should be made aware of and after careful consideration of their concern. If you’re offering services they can’t be taken back, always ensure to take a cut for your efforts before making the refund. Once again, make the client understand your reason for doing this.

Always make an apology

A sincere apology soothes any heart. Always be willing to lower your pride and apologize to the client. Others may argue that this is an admission of guilt, yes it is but it’s a bait that will make the client want to come back another day.
Remember always that customer is key.

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