Going The Extra Mile For Your Clients

The customer is key and more often than not, as an entrepreneur, you’ll need to go an extra mile for them.

Going an extra mile for your customer will entail the following:

After- sale services
When it comes to small businesses, a lot of customers do not expect so much in after sale services. But as an entrepreneur looking to cut a niche for yourself in an ever competitive entrepreneurial space, after sale services can be the key for you.

Invest a certain amount of your operating expense into deliveries, packaging and technical support for your clients. Like I’ve said before, customers do not forget and thus when treated right, they will most likely choose good service delivery over price and thus prefer you over other competitors.

Outsourcing for a customer:
There are instances whereby the client will want to buy a particular good from you, but will not find it in stock. It is in this instance, that going an extra mile for the customer will help you keep them long term.

Move out of your way and get the customer the product they want from another entrepreneur that you know stocks this particular product. Profit does not have to be your prime point of focus in this scenario, pleasing the customer and making them feel appreciated should be. It won’t cost you much to make your clients happy by sparing a few minutes to walk from one shop to another or making a call on their behalf. Failure to do so might, however, results in poor business and a gradual decline in the number of clients.

Giving free advice

Customers will value you all the more if they regard you as a reliable source of information. Proving to be of such importance to your customers will, in turn, enhance their loyalty to you and if you’re a witty entrepreneur, you can leverage this loyalty to grow your business and your brand in the long run.

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