5 Tips To Improve Relations With Your Customers

It is most likely that you’ve heard the phrase ‘customer is key’ before. The accuracy of this is not debatable. Entrepreneurship from the business school definition is all about bringing together resources to produce goods and services in order to meet a specific need. The question is, whose needs if not your customers?

Most of us am sure have had an unpleasant experience before with either a shopkeeper, a supermarket attendant, mama mboga or even more commonly a conductor in a matatu. One thing that is common with all these bad experiences is rudeness and it may be projected in terms of a sketchy attitude or uncalled for responses to queries. One thing you need to remember as an entrepreneur is that CUSTOMERS DON’T FORGET EXPERIENCES!!

To enhance the experience of your customers and ensure that they come back again, pay attention to the following;

  1. Be Polite

Nothing turns off a customer so much as a rude response does. Be polite, even when the customer is rude, but don’t seem desperate. It is never wrong to turn down one customer because you’re disrespected. This also helps to get respect from other customers.

  1. Avoid Flirting With Customers

Customers do like compliments, yes, that is true, but not everyone will appreciate a compliment that crosses a certain line. Whether male or female, as an entrepreneur, avoid seeming like one who does not respect boundaries. This will also help against having personal relationships with your customers which later result in bad business when the relationship fails. Keep this in mind ‘Do not sleep where you eat’. The same goes even for those in salaried employment.


  1. Respond To Customer Queries

Some customers will ask for clarification and others will question you to determine your honesty. For either customer, respond the best way you can without becoming temperamental.

  1. Ensure Ordered Products Are Delivered

If you’re operating an enterprise that involves customers placing orders and receiving their goods or services later, ensure that you deliver. If your customers are in another town, deliver your products to them using the most convenient courier service available and keep updating them all through until the product is received. You can also do follow-ups and this can help you retain the customer long-term.

  1. Respond To Messages And Calls ASAP

Nothing disgusts a customer more than having their calls or texts ignored. This does even more damage to your image and the reputation of your business. Always set aside ten to fifteen minutes every one or two hours to go through your call log or inbox and respond to customers. It is advisable to use a different number in business other than your personal number. Using your personal number, it’s easy to snob people because you are used to it, but that does not apply in business. Customers will start complaining and too bad for you if two of your customers meet with complaints, you’ll lose two customers without hustling and your competitors will gain two customers without struggling.

Pay attention to those five tips and remember always ‘THE CUSTOMER IS KEY’

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