4 Tips To Help You Grow Your Business With WhatsApp in 2019

WhatsApp is increasingly becoming a vital marketing tool for a lot of people and for the savvy ones, they are making a lot of sales.

But even with this platform being available and already in use, there are something’s that most people still do wrong or do not pay much attention to and it eventually affects their business potential.

The following tips will help you leverage WhatsApp better for marketing your products:

1. Use WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp has come up with an app version that is especially suited for business. WhatsApp business can be downloaded for free from play store. This  app allows you to:

a) Set up autoresponders that can respond to clients when you are not available. You will, however, need to have your data on. An autoresponder will also save you the monotonous repetition of the same message to different customers. There are text triggers in the settings that you can set up with their specified response, say if someone asks for the cost of goods, instead of copy pasting your catalog each time, this just comes up automatically.

b) WhatsApp business allows you to write information about your business in your profile and so instead of people asking you too many questions, they can just retrieve the info at a glance.

2. Have a dedicated WhatsApp group

You need to create a group where the focus is just selling your products. Such a group allows you to create your own client base which eventually becomes loyal and become returning customers. In this group, always respond to message in real time whether on the forum or straight to a client’s inbox. In case of any disputes always acts on resolving them immediately especially if there is a member abusing others or if an accusation has been leveled against you. Silence doesn’t work in business as it would in showbiz.

After your group has grown a certain dedicated number of followers, you can always open another and keep growing and tapping in more clients. In case you find it hard to manage a WhatsApp group, always look for help but at all costs, ensure it’s a reliable person.

3. Share your products on other WhatsApp groups

The other alternative to having so many WhatsApp groups is sharing your products on other platforms. Here there are a few things you will need to look out for:

a) Avoid spam messages
Do not send repetitive messages to the groups you are in. This bores people and you will be removed very fast.  Also, ensure that the forum allows you to post such messages on it. It is always good to consult with the admin.

b) Use clear photos
Do not post products that do not have clear photos. Take photos of your products in a well-lit room and ensure all the essential parts of the products can be seen.

c) Few products high impact
When posting products for sale on other groups, never go past five products especially if they are photos. Too many photos or a long list of products is very likely to be ignored. Pick your five best products, write a good description of them and then post and add the tag ‘ and many more available’. Clients will be interested in knowing what you have in stock.

4. Reveal all information to the client

Last but not least you need to reveal all information to the buyer especially on price. If there are any further costs that a client is going to incur while purchasing your products such as consultancy, transport, freight or storage fee, please tell him or her beforehand. Here at Mwanabiashara© we always say that the customer is key and a disgruntled customer can be the downfall of your business. Take care of your clients and they’ll take care of your business.

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